Go Docker

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There are some ways to deploy your Golang code, especially when you are using Docker to run your executable file of your Go Project. …

Go Basic

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When you are creating a Go Application sometimes you need to initialize some variables with their value, for example, a database connection. A way to do this thing is to call the initializer at the start of main() function so it will initialize the variable at the start of the…

Go Test

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In the previous article (Golang MySQL Integration Test), we have created a go application with Integration Test to MySQL. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you read that article first, then continue to this article.

So, let’s start with a little introduction about Github Action.

What is Github Action?

Github Action is workflow…

Go Testing

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When you are creating a go application and deploy it without testing, you will often find a bug in your code. That’s not a good idea to deploy a not-tested code. Normally there are 3 types of testing in web development:

  • Unit testing is to test the smallest modules individually…

Go Basic

source: https://github.com/egonelbre/gophers

Pass by value and Pass by reference are an important thing that needs to be careful of when working with Programming Language that supports us to access a ‘pointer’ value like Java, C#, C/C++, Go, etc.

When you create a method/function with parameters, the data type of the parameters can…

In this article, I will discuss the implementation of the dataloader on GraphQL especially when we are using the Gqlgen library, so I will start a little explanation about GraphQL and Dataloader Concept.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is an API architecture that uses a query language to get the data. Clients have the…

When you develop a web application, of course, authentication and authorization are normal things to apply to your application; to limit the guest access to some content of your resource.
There are several ways of authentication and authorization of a web application, one of the most famous ones is JWT.

What is JWT?


In the previous article, we successfully create a @binding directive to validate the data from a request.
Now we will start to implement this thing to Plugin.

Plugin in a nutshell is creating your generator with some customization that gqlgen provides for us. …


Before you start reading this, I assume that you know about creating a simple app with gqlgen.

Why Gqlgen?

Gqlgen is a powerful library to generate a graphql API architecture.

  • Schema First, which will help us generate code from Graphql Schema that we write before
  • Type Safety; we will rarely see map[string]interface{}…


CockroachDB is a powerful SQL Database that implements great horizontal scalability with Data Replication and Automatic Repair. …

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